About Us

We are the owners of Happy & Bright, Justin and Mandy Sorensen.  For several years we have both worked on other businesses individually but in 2021 we decided to start one together.  Justin has a Masters Degree in Accounting and Mandy has a Masters Degree in Business so we felt like between the two of us we could figure out how to own and operate a business together.  We both have a deep love for Disney and Christmas, so when thinking of a name for our business we tried to think of a word that reminds us of each and that is how Happy & Bright was born.  We have a lot of ideas for our business and are so excited to launch our biggest vision yet with our Microfiber Hand Towels while still offering amazing Home Décor.  Our hope is that the products we carry will be products that will enhance your home and bring a feeling of warmth to it.

When we met each other it didn't take long before we knew that we wanted to get married. We were married in May of 2013, six months to the day after we met. In November of 2014 we welcomed our oldest daughter, Olivia June. In March of 2017, our son, Landon Justin was born. And most recently, in June of 2020 we welcomed our youngest daughter, Addison Jennie. Our kids are the center of our world and keep us going and pushing to pursue our dreams.